Secondary 3/4 Mathematics Tuition

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Secondary 3/4 Mathematics Tuition


Students are prepared for GCE ‘O’ level examination through the Secondary Mathematics programme and Additional Mathematics programme.
Based on the foundation of MOE curriculum, we design our curriculum that focuses on fundamental concepts, its techniques and application thereby building in students a competitive spirit.

Our lessons and methods are construed in tandem with the school’s curriculum. The resources include previous year exam papers, GCE-O level reports. This aims to prepare students to challenge, clear misunderstandings and errors made by them.

Why is it important to join Mathematics tuition particularly in Singapore?

What makes going for maths tuition or any subject tuition a necessity criterion in Singapore? Are the lessons taught in schools inadequate?

The primary reason why joining a tuition becomes compulsion in Singapore is the vast curriculum. The extensive subject syllabus leaves no time for teachers to tutor their students or give them additional tutelage after classes. This leaves very little time for teachers to cover the entire portion of the syllabus and thereby are restrained from covering every aspect of the study. Paucity of time also makes it impossible to answer individual queries.

Especially in the case of Mathematics, it is extremely important to give an in-detail teaching. Queries if left unanswered can lead to errors when solving problems and leave one obscure. The student may find it difficult to understand and correct the errors in long run. Therefore opting for extra maths tutorials will render immense help for your tutoring your child. It will also help built a strong foundation and knowledge of the entire concepts.

Why join our Mathematics Tuition?

We offer comprehensive Mathematics tuition programmes for Secondary 3 and 4 students to overcome them effectively. During the programmes, students will broaden their knowledge of mathematics concepts and acquire the skills to apply and answer different types of mathematical questions.

One-on-One study session and personalized teaching

We conduct discussion style teaching methodology during regular class terms. Later students are offered worksheet on each topic which is tandem to the syllabus covered in school.

During vacation, we design the teaching surrounding challenging topics which students find difficult in addition to concentrating on topics which they need more practice.

We strongly recommend our students and their folks to send us their school’s academic curriculum so as to enable us design methodology for rendering personal tutelage to each student as much as possible.

Small Groups

We strongly believe that each student must be rendered an opportunity to build curiosity surrounding the subject when teaching, especially when learning mathematical concepts. Hence, we keep the class size to minimum 20 students per batch.

Through this we aim in giving each student a personalized attention. We ensure they are able to maintain a balance between group coaching and individual tutorship they require enabling them the opportunity to get all queries answered making optimum use of subject duration.

A helpful learning environment

Apart from designing an encouraging, well provisioned and relaxed classroom environment, we ensure every topic is taught with the viewpoint that students have no prior experience about the subject. Thus, we apply techniques to strengthen the foundations.

This not only helps stronger students revise their basics but also aid weak students build a deeper understanding.
We encourage an environment wherein students can assist and study with one another and generate a positive environment.

Our Rates

Level Lessons / Month Duration / Lesson Fee / Month
Sec 3 4 1.5hr S$180.00
Sec 4 4 1.5hr S$200.00

Our Rates

Level Lessons / Month Duration / Lesson Fee / Month
Sec 3 4 1.5hr S$180.00
Sec 4 4 1.5hr S$200.00

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